50 Goats make Alcatraz like escape! #Goat #Gangof50

Well, the CHP have their hands full with rogue animals in Northern California lately! There was Ponch, the Bay Bridge dog, then a wayward San Francisco baby sea lion and most recently a gaggle of geese. Now, they were called to the scene of 50 rogue goats that made a valiant, Alcatraz like escape from their enclosure! They were found near the Caldecott Tunnel on the Oakland, CA side of the highway.

We hope that some were able to escape capture and become legend like the Alcatraz escapees who were never found! You go goats!

Here’s the only known photo!

Rogue goats highway 24 6.1..16

Via: http://www.eastbaytimes.com/breaking-news/ci_29992456/oakland-chp-corrals-herd-goats-wandering-highway-24


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