In honor of the passing of @Bitchesthecat, we reprint her 2016 interview on election day.

*Editors note 6.25.17 We are deeply saddened by the loss of Bitches the cat. Not only did she teach thousands about proper paw work and grammar, she was the Catnip Party and Prrrrsistance leader to felines worldwide. Everyday we looked forward to reading about life on the catnip corners of Chicago with Bitches and her pawsee, Kiddo and Lil’B aka Floof Lion @LBKiddoshow.

If you’d like to make a donation in her memory, her humans are asking that you do so locally. Even in death, Bitches continues to unite animals and humans worldwide. #RIPBitches. Thank you for sharing your life with us. We will continue to judge the politicians and fight the power in your memory.

With condolences ~A.Davis and Penelope Boston,

***Original article published November 8, 2016**

Penelope Boston lands exclusive interview with Catnip party candidate, @bitchesthecat, for this special edition of ‘Penelope’s Peeps!’


PenelopeB: Bitches, you have been in the Presidential race over a year now. What made you decide to run for President instead of just eating and sleeping all day like the rest of us cats?

Bitches the Cat: I was concerned about this country. I couldn’t watch as cardboard box safety continued to decline and catnip prices continued to rise. And then there is the Donald Trump factor. He wants to close the doors to this country. I don’t like closed doors.


PenelopeB: Is it true that Donald J. Trump blocked you? What the Fluff is up with that?

Bitches the Cat: Donald Trump did block me. I was mean to him on Twitter. But as Hillary Clinton said, “A man who can be provoked by a tweet should not have his hands anywhere near the nuclear codes.”

PenelopeB: What is your Campaign slogan? Where can we read about your positions?

Bitches the Cat: America Meow! Catnip party platform analysis can be found here:


PenelopeB: Will you legalize catnip?
Bitches the Cat: The catnip legalization movement is already gaining a lot of momentum in more progressive states. I will fight for the right of every cat to nip up. I also see human price gouging of catnip as a major problem. We need to eliminate the middlemen and take control of the entire catnip industry from production through sale. Only then will we rise up and take back what is ours.

PenelopeB: How has the addition of LB (Lil Bitches) and Kiddo changed your campaign?

Bitches the Cat: Kiddo and LB showing up nearly a year ago has had a devastating impact on my campaign. I’m forced to spend precious time protecting my catnip supply and my many forts.


Thank you for taking the time out of your busy campaign schedule to speak with us today! Penelope’s Peeps and Pet Personalities proudly endorses Bitches the Cat for President 2016! #AmericaMeow!penelope-4-bitches




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  1. I loved bitches, having deleted my Twitter account recently, I stilled tuned in to see what my fav cat and her sweet siblings were up to meow. My Yogi and Booboo, orange tabby brother cats passed a couple years ago, and since I am too old to school new kittens, I got my fix of kitt’en love from Mr. and Mrs. Laffler’s children. Bitches lives on in our hearts thank you and love to the Laffler family. I donate food in Yogi and Booboo’s name to the Seal Beach Shelter in Calif., now and again. Next time I will include Bitches as well.


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