This Amazing Service Dog Is Helping His Iraq War-Vet Dad Cope With PTSD And More!

Born on a mountain top in Alabama and now living in DC, Grizzly Bear is a service dog that’s helping his Dad – Jordan Bubba Bear – cope with PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) from his days fighting for America in the Iraq War.

Grizzly Bear comforting his Dad.

Grizzly Bear comforting his Dad.

Grizzly Bear also completed his Canine Life and Social Skills Training courses recently, graduating from Kindergarten with with flying colors

Grizzly Bear Graduates Kindergarten Canine Life and Social Skills Training course exams

Grizzly Bear Graduates Kindergarten!!!

You can fan Grizzly on his grizzly bear service ptsd dog facebook page, and follow him on Instagram @grizzlytheservicedog

Do you think Grizzly should run for President?


Grizzly Bear For President 2016!

Why not right, considering the poor choices we have in front of us for 2016, we could atleast elect someone who has really helped our heros at War!

Grizzly’s Campaign pledge?

 I promise there will be tennis balls for everyone.


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