Meet Mac and Larry David! The first Daily Woofs!

Larry David (named for the real Larry David)
Boxer, 9 months
Larry loves to play hard and tear through the house like a rock star. He loves to lie in the sun on top of the couch, like a cat, with top torso only and nap. He still thinks he is a small lapdog. Larry takes lots of obedience classes and none of the terms/commands used in class apply to him. He is a non-conformist, and proud of it.

LD smilingLD table

Pug, 5 years old
Mac has seen “Bridget Jones’ Diary” more than most humans. (Gaining lots of weight, lying on the couch watching Bridget incessantly, with his owner lady, while she was single and in a funk.) Mac shed 7 fast pounds, when Larry David arrived. Larry spent his days chasing him, and biting his tail, the makings of a great workout. The new and improved svelte Mac, spends most of his time hiding under the table, and dodging Larry.


Mac ReindeerMac and LD couch

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