Penelope’s First peep!!!


PLope: Sapphire, Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to talk with us!

Sapphire: I have 5 minutes before my next nap. Go.

PLope: What are your favorite things to do?

Sapphire: Eat shrimp, jump onto cabinet tops where my humans can’t reach me, chase lasers and eat more shrimp.

PLope: Of those three, which is your absolute favorite?

Sapphire: Jumping onto high places. Like the top of the Kitchen cabinets! #Can’tTouchMe

PLope: Is it true that you’ve been on a plane from NJ to CA?

Sapphire: It’s true. Not ready to discuss.

PLope: I heard that you are being courted by a neighborhood cat named Jack.

Sapphire: Add him to the list.

PLope: Do you like to climb screens?

Sapphire: Yes. Spread out with all my nails stuck in the screen is the best feeling ever!

PLope: Right???????????

Sapphire: Yes!  Ok, I have an appointment with a red dot now.

PLope: Thank you Sapphire. We appreciate you taking the time out of your busy day to be a Penelope Peep!


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